Some of our Kingston Brass 4", 8" and Vessel faucets

Harmony - Slate Maple
Georgetown - Cider Cherry
Georgetown - Coffee Maple

We carry a multitude of plumbing parts and accessories.  From toilet seats to water lines to sink strainers.  This should save you from another stop before getting back to your project.

Special Order options with many more to choose from!

Some of our Freendo bath and shower fixtures

Make a bold statement with a glass vanity! You can be the trendsetter instead of one who follows the trends.  These glass vanities will give you that "Wow" factor for sure

Jamestown - Driftwood Oak

Lighting above a vanity is more important then most people think so let us and Canarm make it easier on you.  We carry all the lighting you see below and our inventory is constantly growing.  Canarm is a very dependable lighting fixture company based out of Canada and they produce some beautiful products.

With so many options of vanity tops, you need just as many faucet choices to complete that bathroom remodel.  We carry 4" spread, 8" spread and vessel faucets to meet any requirements or looks you're going for.  We also have shower fixtures to match and even that hard to find free-standing tub faucet.  We have three different companies to order from and they all have their own unique styles and price points.

If you are looking for an unfinished vanity so you can get that color just right or you want a stained cabinet with feet at the bottom to get that furniture look, this is the place for you.  We have over 7,000 sq ft of showroom floor dedicated to showing you all the vanities we have in-stock and ready to go.  And for those who may have a certain size or type that is not as common, we can get you set-up with even more options from                            and

Classic - Dutch Oak
Georgetown - White Maple

Cultured marble has stood the test of time.  With the majority of households having this man-made, seamless vanity top in their bathroom currently, it is a product we are all familiar with.  The standard white or white with a white marble swirl being the most common color, cultured marble companies have more recently made their products look like natural stone and different bowl shapes to stand out from the other options out there.  We also have all of our granite colors available in vanity tops, pre-cut for the more common vanity sizes or we can make that custom-made top for those more unique jobs.

Vitreous china is an enamel coating that is applied to ceramics, particularly porcelain, after they've been fired, though the name can also refer to the finished piece as a whole. The coating makes the porcelain tougher, denser, and shinier.  It is a common choice for things like toilets and sink basins.  We carry multiple different companies and products in vitreous china such as toilets and sinks.

Bayport - Lava Cherry
Classic - Kountry Oak
Rentown - Flint Maple

Some of our Kingston Brass bath and shower fixtures

Georgetown - Bristol Maple

Vanderburgh - Rustic Royal Maple

Stock Vanity options with even more to choose from

Georgetown - Auburn Maple